Philips Dynalite – The Organisation

Philips Dynalite designs and manufactures energy management technology for lighting control and building automation applications. Developed as a solution for large-scale projects, Philips Dynalite’s distributed intelligence methodology is equally suited to small-scale installations. As a market segment leader, Philips Dynalite’s reputation extends worldwide, exporting to over fifty countries around the globe.

DyNet – The Network Protocol

DyNet is a communications protocol that operates on an RS485 four-wire network. It was developed by Philips Dynalite to control lighting and is also used to interface, at both high and low levels, to HVAC (heating, ventilation, air-conditioning), security, fire detection systems, access control, blinds, motors and other electrical loads in a building. A DyNet network may also be integrated as part of other control systems such as a Building Management System (BMS) or Audio Visual (AV)Control System.

DLight – The Software

DLight is a Windows1 compatible software application used to configure a DyNet network. It provides commissioning (set-up), diagnostics, maintenance and end-user master control facilities. It is a powerful end-user tool for on-site personnel.

Range – The Products

Philips Dynalite manufactures products under the Philips Dynalite, Dimtek, DLight, Minder & Ecolinx trademarks. The comprehensive range of load controllers fall into six broad categories;

  • Leading Edge Phase Control Dimmers (DLE)
  • Trailing Edge Phase Control Dimmers (DTE)
  • Relay Controllers (DRC)
  • Ballast Controllers (DBC)
  • Multipurpose Controllers (DMC)
  • Light Emitting Diode Controllers (DLEDC)

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